Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN)

OQBN PRECON Requirements

OQBN PreCon Req 2013.pdf


To enroll calves in OQBN PRECON:

    • Calves can be gathered from various sources.
    • Male caves must be castrated and healed.
    • Calves must be dehorned and healed.
    • Calves must be retained a minimum of 60 days by enrolling owner.
      • **The 60 day time frame begins at first vaccination. If multiple groups of cattle are put together, the 60 days begin from first vaccination of the last group of cattle purchased.**
    • Beef Quality Assurance guidelines must be followed and program compliant ear tag in place.
    • Must follow vaccination protocol to quality.
    • Third party verification is required by OSU extension personnel.

Vaccination Management Schedule


    • Vaccinate with a IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3 product
    • Vaccinate with a clostridial bacterin-toxoid product. Low volume dose (2 ml) products are preferred.
    • Vaccinate with either a Mannheimia haemolytica or with a combination Mannheimia haemolytica – Pasteurella multocida product.

14-28 days later

    • Booster IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3.
    • Booster clostridial bacterin-toxoid. Low volume dose (2 ml) products are preferred.

Enrollment and certification process must take place at least 21 days before the sale date or shipping event. Earlier enrollment and certification is highly encouraged.


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