Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN)

OQBN Vac-45 Requirements

OQBN Vac-45 Requirements

The OQBN Vac-45 program benefits the cattle industry by providing heavier and healthier cattle. The benefits to producers include reduced cattle stress and shrink, an improved cattle immune system, increased sale weight of cattle, increased market demands, neutral-branding (you and your veterinarian select the products and the timing of vaccinations), and dual certification of cattle in other health management verification programs.


To enroll calves in the OQBN:

  • Calves must be home raised
  • Bull calves must be castrated and healed
  • Calves must be dehorned and healed
  • Calves must be weaned 45 days or longer
  • Beef Quality Assurance guidelines must be followed
  • Calves must be tagged with a program-compliant ear tag
  • Must follow one of three vaccination protocols

Timing of Vaccinations: Three Options

See table found in health protocol


To improve the overall health of your herd:

  • Deworm and treat for external parasites
  • Provide abundant, clean and fresh water at all times
  • Provide abundant high quality grass hay or pasture
  • Feed concentrate supplement for a minimum of seven days after weaning to train cattle to eat from a bunk and come to feed
  • Provide free choice mineral supplementation
  • Provide a coccidiostat such as Bovatec®, Corid®, Rumensin®, or Deccox® through the feed, water or mineral
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